Nasir Sobhani, barber alebo holič, je hrdinom pre mnohých ľudí. Pomáha im totiž úplne jednoducho, no významne. Nasir chodí po uliciach a strihá ľudí bez domova. Práve neupravený vzhľad im často komplikuje hľadanie nocľahu alebo aj práce. Ich životné príbehy a premeny zdieľa s celým svetom.

"The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens" – Baha'i Writings #thestreetsbarber #cleancutcleanstart

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Yesterday, I went with 5 of St Petersburg best barbers and we hit up a homeless shelter. By the time we got there we had 50 clients already signed up and waiting to get groomed. As the day went on we had kept getting more and more people wanting haircuts and of course we couldn't turn them down. Finally we stopped the list at 70 people! I couldnt believe it! I Anyway, as I was cleaning my tools and exhausted beyond belief, I saw this gentleman enter the gates and come up and ask if he was too late and if he could get a haircut (in Russian). The translator looked at me and before anything was said, I said "Yes, I really want to cut his hair!". He was the final cut of a long day, making that 71 homeless men and woman who got free haircuts and shaves. Stay tuned for some great stories guys :) #thestreetsbarber #cleancutcleanstart #russia

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Sleduje témy, ktoré hýbu svetom. Žije autami, technikou, ženami. Žije na webe a prináša informácie o všetkom, bez čoho sa žiaden náš čitateľ nezaobíde.